Because We Have Daughters: A Violence Prevention Program for all Men

September 21, 2012

Ulester Douglas presents on Because We Have Daughters to the YWCA Southeast Region Membership and Training Meeting

Developing girls’ leadership is often overlooked in primary prevention approaches to male intimate partner violence against women. Grandfathers, fathers and other male caretakers can be
a vital resource, or barrier, to girls’ development. Helping adult men explore their beliefs about their daughters and granddaughters, as well as strengthening their awareness and empathy for women’s reality, is critical to changing our social environments. Rather than focusing on keeping women and girls in their lives in “safe” environments, Because We Have Daughters encourages men take on the work of making the world safer for all women and girls. The goal of this workshop is to describe Men Stopping Violence’s Because We Have Daughters Program, and to explore challenges and opportunities for its implementation in participants’ communities.