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Maintaining Accountability Considering Class Participants’ Complex Lives @ Crosspointe Church
Jan 17 all-day

Abusive men entering Family Violence Intervention Programs are often in complex situations that may require them to split their focus between intervention program requirements and other life priorities. Mental health, substance abuse, financial difficulties, time constraints, and legal trouble can all pose barriers to men engaging fully in the transformational process of and FVIP. In this one day training, Men Stopping Violence will examine strategies to balance supporting men in difficult situations and the necessity of maintaining intervention program expectations for these men.

Proposed location: Crosspointe Church – 110 Northside Drive Valdosta, GA 31602

Advanced Facilitation and Group Management Skills @ Martin Toyota Conference Room
Feb 8 all-day

Family Violence Intervention Programs face unique facilitation challenges. These challenges potentially deter from the educational benefit of class and derail the accountability process. Ensuring accountability within class requires balancing support for men and doing our best to ensure victim safety. Often men enter our classes with uncertainty and sometimes outright resistance. Some of these men may attempt to sabotage or manipulate the class structure. In this one day training, Men Stopping Violence will introduce facilitation and group management skills proven to address facilitation challenges, develop a productive class culture, and model conflict resolution skills to class participants.

Proposed location: Martin Toyota Conference Room – 3150 Milton Martin Toyota Way, Gainesville

Focusing on Sexual Violence as a Tactic of Control: Teaching Sexual Respect through FVIPs @ Georgia Public Safety Training Center
Apr 17 all-day

Sexual violence accompanies physical and psychological violence as tactics used by men referred to Family Violence Intervention Programs, but is often de-emphasized in comparison.

A de-emphasis on sexual violence may be a result of facilitator discomfort discussing the issue or a lack of understanding about how sexual violence relates to other abusive tactics. In this day long workshop, Men Stopping Violence will share its definition of male sexual violence, explore tactics on the spectrum of sexual violence, and provide tools to teach sexual respect in Family Violence Intervention Programs.

Proposed location: Georgia Public Safety Training Center – 108 Sunshine Avenue, Savannah, Georgia 31405