Men Stopping Violence Chosen to Participate in the US-Morocco Experts Exchange

Nuriddin visiting the children's educational program at Ain Ghazal Center in Oujda

Sulaiman Nuriddin, director of men’s education, has been selected as a delegate in the US-Morocco Experts Exchange. The five delegates from the US have been invited to help increase Morocco’s capacity to reduce violence against women.

The delegation is traveling to several locations in Morocco, presenting at seminars attended by 25-30 local experts in offender focused programs, advocates in the field of violence against women, justice and police departments, government and education.

The objective of this Experts Exchange is to address 3 key areas of offender focused programs:

  • Preventative youth education against domestic violence
  • The creation of centers for male domestic violence offenders
  • The role of the judiciary and police force in addressing offenders in their efforts to curb violence against women

Nuriddin was able to call home while waiting for the night train from Casablanca to Oujda. He said, “There are some powerful women here working extremely hard to get this government to recognize domestic violence/crimes against women and children as serious issues. They are asking that laws to address these issues be passed. This so reminds me of the struggles women went through in the US in the early 70s. To hear the stories the Moroccan women are telling and see the work they are doing to bring about change can be quite overwhelming.

“Tomorrow we go to one of the listening centers (a place where women come to get support) to witness the work they do to provide services to victims. Then we take a five hour train Fez for another tribunal on domestic violence.”

From Fez, the delegation will travel to Rabat for an all-day meeting to discuss the findings of the trip and work with the Moroccan Experts to develop a plan of action.