Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shelley Serdahely, executive director of men stopping violence since 2003, will be stepping down to focus on fundraising for the organization next spring.

“Men Stopping Violence provides such important leadership in the work of engaging men in ending male violence against women. I want to help ensure that it will be around, providing that leadership, for generations to come,” said Ms. Serdahely, “I have met so many people in this work who have exciting, new perspectives on what we should be doing to build safety for women and children. This will be a unique opportunity to combine new perspectives and leadership with established, widely recognized expertise.”

The Board will be conducting a search for a new executive director beginning November 9. Stacey Dougan, board president, is looking forward to expanding the vision and strategy of the organization, while maintaining what Men Stopping Violence has been able to build over the past 30 years. She states, “We are thrilled that Shelley wants to transition into development, where we already know she excels. We are also confident that we will find a new chief executive officer with the vision and wisdom to capitalize on the enormous talent we have on staff, which includes two former executive directors. The culture of this organization has always prioritized collaboration and talent – it truly exemplifies the concept that there’s no “I” in “team.”

The board and staff of Men Stopping Violence see this change as an opportunity to continue to build on the organization’s considerable platform as the national training organization that has pioneered programs to engage men in building safer communities for women and girls, including Because We Have Daughters, Men At Work, the Community Restoration Program, the Internship Program, and MSV True Allies.

For a full job description and qualifications, click the link below.

Men Stopping Violence will be accepting resumes for the position until February 15, 2012. Candidates are asked to submit a resume electronically to

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About Men Stopping Violence
Men Stopping Violence is a social change organization dedicated to ending male violence against women. The non-profit, based in Decatur, Ga., trains, educates and collaborates with allies across the country in a variety of communities with the goal of engaging men in the work of ending violence against women and girls. For more information, visit or visit its Facebook page.