Men Stopping Violence Staff Meet with Delegation from the Middle East

On Monday November 26th, staff at Men Stopping Violence (MSV) met with a delegation of professionals from Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine (West Bank).  The group included police officers, a prosecutor, shelter workers, a child psychologist and victim advocates.  They met with MSV to learn more about engaging men to prevent violence against women and holding men accountable for male violence against women.  The discussion covered topics such as educating men, providing residential or non residential services, balancing prevention and intervention efforts, defining success, and perceptions of men.

This was also an opportunity for MSV to learn about some of the great but difficult work being done in their communities. Hearing about how complicated it is to hold men accountable for male violence against women in the context of an occupation was particularly impactful. MSV appreciates the efforts of the International Visitor Leadership Program in bringing this group together.