You can help build safer communities for women and girls. Founding Executive Director Kathleen Carlin once said, “Hope isn’t about believing we can change things. Hope is about believing what we do matters.” Make what you do matter. Please join Men Stopping Violence (MSV), get involved, and help today!


Creating Safer Communities

Men Stopping Violence has a Facebook page. Of course, we are looking to increase our visibility and disseminate information.

However, the most important function of the Facebook page is to generate discussion about topics that are in the news. At least twice a week, we post something that we think needs further exploration. For example, we posted our definition of male sexual assault of women, because we wanted to deepen the connection in people’s minds between sexual coercion and sexual assault. We post links to opinion articles on the subject of violence against women that our Facebook friends may not have read so that they have an opportunity to comment on them.

One way to take a stand is to “like” our Facebook page and begin commenting on posts. What that will do is make it clear that there are many voices with one vision, a world in which women and girls live free from the threat of violence.


Volunteer at Men Stopping Violence

Each year, MSV’s mission of building safe communities for women and girls is made possible with hundreds of hours of volunteer time. Volunteers provide support for events and other programs. In addition, students often work with staff to design and carry out special projects.

Do you have a volunteer project or idea you would like to explore in an area that interests you? Please submit your resume, or prior experience, to Ulester Douglas to explore future service opportunities.

We look forward to collaborating with you!