“The World Needs More Dads”

Men Stopping Violence’s Because We Have Daughters Program at work.

For many years, violence against women has been seen as a “women’s issue” but is a human issue. The question is, “Why would men want to get involved in ending violence against women?” The answer is, “because they have daughters.” Men have daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, co-workers and other women in their lives who men want to be safe but they do not have the skills or tools to help create that safety.

Men Stopping Violence (MSV) created the Because We Have Daughters® (BWHD) initiative to give men an opportunity to begin providing those safety skills.

As a beginning step, BWHD provides a unique opportunity for fathers to learn about their daughters’ realities by sharing fun and educational activities, followed by discussions about any insights they gained from the activities. MSV believes that this helps men understand what it would be like for their daughters, and all women, to live fully and freely without fear of violence.

A BWHD Day, a four hour session, begins with everyone in a circle, playfully getting to know each other and finding out what the day holds. This is followed

“The fact that Because We Have Daughters comes from Men Stopping Violence makes it a very different thing than if it started from the Girl Scouts…It is more powerful because it brings into the conversation really important elements of power differentials that need to be accounted for in conversations between fathers and daughters. And it really shows up in the core principles that are the backbone of this program” – Volunteer Facilitator BWHD.

by the fathers and daughters separating in order to talk about and prepare for the fun activities ahead. The activities fall into one of four categories: shared tasks – like building a bridge – performance, physical games, or arts and crafts. Each activity is designed to help demonstrate the core values of BWHD. The day ends with reflection, appreciation and snacks.

There is also training for BWHD. To learn more, contact Bernard Ellis at 404.270.9894