We believe that the personal and societal change of men who use violence and the institutions that support their abuse starts with us. We offer a wide variety of classes to educate, change behavior, and increase advocacy.


Men at Work

For 35 years, Men Stopping Violence (MSV) has conducted a 24-week educational course available to all men who are interested in exploring the issue of violence against women. This course is certified by the State of Georgia and covers how men can choose to be part of a movement to create safe communities for women and girls.

Tactics and Choices

Men Stopping Violence, in conjunction with the DeKalb County Magistrate Court, provides a twice-monthly class for some men who have been arrested for domestic violence offenses in DeKalb County.
The class examines men’s use of abusive and intimidating tactics against women, and tactics used to enforce and maintain power and control. Using videos and other educational materials prompts men to engage in a dialogue that explores their behavioral choices.
The class also explores the question, “Who batters and why?” and the myths and beliefs about what it is to be a man in a relationship with a woman. 


Young Men Stopping Violence

MSV’s newest program is in prototype status. We have identified connecting and influencing men and boys at younger ages to foster the best opportunities for healthy relationship establishment, identifying toxic and unhealthy behavior, and building confidence to be outspoken ambassadors and advocates for change. 

For more information on our Young Men Stopping Violence Program contact: 

Mark Bracey

[email protected]